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Business Overview

FORBES SOLAR SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY NIGERIA LIMITED (FSSTNL) is a Company that is involved in the business of Equipment Leasing and Financing for Micro businesses and households. The Company provides equipment leasing facility to numerous micro-businesses to enable them to acquire important assets for their business while making repayment for the acquired assets over time.

The company has recently expanded its business lines to include equipment lease financing for solar energy products to meet reliable power requirements for its target market-micro-businesses.

How Do We Provide Equipment Asset Lease Financing

  • The prospective customer contacts us via personal marketing, sign up form, live chat or telephone.
  • Our staff makes a visit to the business for assessment of the business and their equipment needs.
  • Customer’s request is processed for approval for the equipment lease facility.
  • The Equipment is pick up by us from our approved equipment dealer(s)
  • Payment for the equipment is made by us to the equipment dealer.
  • The equipment is delivered to the customer for installation
  • Installment payment for the lease finance commences and for the period of 18 months

Key Value Propositions

  1. Easy access for micro-businesses to own productive equipment in Nigeria through lease to own equipment financing
  2. Partnership with reputable equipment dealers that offer long-term warranty of their products to our customers
  3. No collateral and guarantor is required for our lease to own products
  4. Easy payment plans through installment payment over a period of 18 months
  5. Product price competitiveness in the market place vis-à-vis product prices of our competitors.
  6. Product quality through our long term product warranty to our customers by our product dealers/partners.
  7. No hidden charges for all our product offerings

Benefits of our Equipment Lease to Own Financing to Micro Businesses

  1. Reduction in the cost of electricity and hence cost of operations for micro businesses
  2. Help micro businesses to replace petro generators with rooftop solar system
  3. Help tailors to have access to any type of industrial tailoring equipment of their choice
  4. Help small scale farmers to own wide range of agricultural equipment
  5. Make acquisition of trading and productive asset easy and affordable for micro businesses.